Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges To Trade on in 2018

The cryptocurrency exchange space has evolved a ton since last year. There are so many new exchanges popping up every month it can become overwhelming to keep up with. Many of these exchanges have terrible liquidity, awful trading platforms, and take months to process your deposits and withdrawals. Some are outright scams that will take … Read more

Bitcoin, Next Run to $20k or Fade?

There has been a ton of bearish sentiment around Bitcoin in the past month. This is not surprising given the huge retracement we have seen since the turn of the year. Bitcoin has seemed to found a temporary bottom at just under 6k on February 6th. Since then it has rebounded strongly, almost hitting 12k … Read more

Coinsquare Exchange Review


Coinsquare is a Canadian based cryptocurrency exchange that has been around since 2015. It is optimized for Canadian citizens, but it can be used by users in other countries. It is one of the best exchanges in terms of security, claiming to have not lost a single cryptocurrency coin in the past 3 years. The system … Read more

Upcoin: Cryptocurrency Exchange Preview

Upcoin is a much needed reliable, new exchange set to enter the space. The exchange is set to launch on March 1st, 2018. They’re currently in the beta testing phase, as they prepare their platform for their clients that is safe to trade. The cryptocurrency exchange space has been overwhelmed the past year. Everyone is looking … Read more

8 Trading Lessons: Student Who Made Six-Figure Trading Altcoins

Successful cryptocurrency traders are rarer than you think. There are many people who made a lot of money last year by getting into BTC, ETH, and other altcoins early last year. But many of these people did not keep the money because they had no trading strategy, education, or risk management. Many mistakenly assumed all … Read more

The Best 3 Altcoin Trading Strategies in 2018

Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrencies have went through a short-term downtrend and are starting to consolidate. It may continue, it may not, no one knows for sure. But we do know altcoin trading strategies that worked in 2017 do not work in 2018. This market environment requires a very different set of strategies in order to profit from them. … Read more

A Complete History of Bitcoin Crashes

Bitcoin is well known to be one of the most volatile assets in all of finance. It has crashed 25% or more in a matter of hours on multiple occasions. Bitcoin crashes actually can be a good thing for long-term investors. Corrections are normal and healthy in any asset in finance, especially for one that … Read more

How I Find the Best Cryptocurrencies To Trade

One of the hardest parts about cryptocurrency trading is knowing when you should be trading and when you should be sitting in cash. Understanding what a high-quality setup is a key to knowing when you should be trading or not. To find the best setups in cryptos, you need to find cryptocurrencies with volume, range, … Read more