3 Things You MUST Do To Start Trading Cryptocurrencies Successfully

Trading cryptocurrencies is no easy endeavor. In 2017 anyone could open a Coinbase account and buy any of the cryptocurrencies on Coinbase, and they probably would have made money. 2018 has brought the crypto space back to reality. All of a sudden cryptocurrencies are just as difficult as trading stocks, futures, or any other financial … Read more

Cryptostreet Trade Recap on QTUM: How To Capture 10% Altcoin Moves in Under An Hour

Despite the continuous downtrend of the cryptocurrency markets this year, there are still plenty of opportunities to make money to the long side. But they have to be quick trades, usually day trades or short-term swings. On the 19th, the altcoin QTUM was just added as a USDT pairing to Binance, which caused it to … Read more

G20 Summit Recap & The Regulation of Cryptocurrencies in 2018

There is a ton of uncertainty about the future of cryptocurrencies at the moment. It is unclear how governments will regulate digital assets, and what kind of role they will play in day to day transactions. The G20 news summit was expected to address many of these uncertainties surrounding the future of cryptocurrencies. Here’s a … Read more

CryptoStreet Trade Recap: Our Bitcoin Short From The Mid 8000’s To The 7000’s

We’ve seen some major weakness in the cryptocurrency markets in the past couple weeks. Bitcoin has recently broken a major support level on the daily chart after failing to breakout above the $11,000’s resistance level. We can see that the failure to hold the previous low from the End of February is a big sign more downside … Read more

How To Short Bitcoin and Other Altcoins: The Best Crytpocurrency Short Selling Setups

Bitcoin just had a very bearish break of support in the past 24 hours. The break of the 9000 level put just about every buyer who was looking for a return to $20k in the past month under water. Despite the strong bounce in Bitcoin and other altcoins in the past month, we have not … Read more

Breaking Down the New Coinbase Index Fund

Coinbase recently announced that they will be creating their own index fund. The Coinbase index fund will give investors exposure to all the cryptocurrencies on GDAX, Coinbase’s cryptocurrency exchange. There are currently 4 cryptocurrencies tradable on GDAX: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The Coinbase Index Fund  The introduction of Bitcoin futures and this fund … Read more

Altcoin Review: Ardor or ARDR

Ardor is a cryptocurrency developed by Jelurida that is designed to solve scalability issues with other blockchain platforms. It is designed so that potential developers on the blockchain can build applications with relatively minor input. One of its biggest improvements on the Ethereum blockchain is its parent-child chain architecture. This reduces overcrowding on the main … Read more

Best Altcoins To Watch In March | Kunal Desai On CNBC Africa

The current market conditions in the cryptocurrency space are very unique. For the first time in over 15 months, there is no obvious trend in Bitcoin and most of the major altcoins. For all of 2017, we were in a bull market comparable only to the tech bubble in the 2000’s and few other select … Read more

How to Short Bitcoin and Other Altcoins

Cryptocurrencies in 2017 was a much easier time to make money in cryptocurrencies. 2018 has been a completely different story. People who don’t know anything about trading cannot make money anymore. You actually need to have a trading plan, risk management, and trading setups to capitalize in the cryptocurrency markets this year. Now that the … Read more