How Low Will Bitcoin Go?


Bitcoin bulls have been getting crushed the past couple weeks. BTC finally lost the $6,000 support area convincingly on November 17th. We have had a major pullback, hitting a low in the $3600’s yesterday on November 25th. We have shown no signs of slowing, and it seems like new lows will be coming before the … Read more

ETH Trade Recap: Capitalizing on Market Weakness

Significant weakness has entered the crypto markets in the last couple weeks. Bitcoin finally lost its $6K support area, and it has tumbled all the way down to the low 4000’s. It has brought down many alts like Ethereum with it. We shorted ETH to capitalize on the market weakness and now we are going … Read more

Hodler vs Trader: Which One Are You?


So many people claimed to be a long term investor (aka Hodler) last year, but really they were attempting to be short term traders. They were just uneducated traders with FOMO who bought the top and sold the bottom. Their failure came from a lack of understanding of timing investments, and the lack of a … Read more

Why I Haven’t Been Trading Crypto Lately


The crypto markets never close. You can trade them at any minute of any day of the year. But does that mean you should?   The answer is absolutely not. Do not confuse an open market with an opportunity to make money. Lately, the crypto markets have been quite slow, giving us few opportunities with … Read more