5 Meta Coins To Buy

The crypto market has started to pick up some steam again as Bitcoin looks to be bottoming out. Dips are getting bought up and long-term hodlers are in control of the supply. Once we get a good indication of a bottoming market after a big sell off like we had, we can start to look at some of the top moving altcoins for some big move trades.

It’s no secret that Metaverse coins have been moving like crazy since Facebook changed their name to Meta. We have been trading these in our trading room for some big gains the past few months and it doesn’t look like the momentum is going to stop anytime soon.


$SAND and $MANA have been two of the best coins for trading. Currently, we have seen a compression breakout which is when a coin has a huge uptrend, then pulls back from sellers taking profits. Once the pull back starts to trade sideways and dips are getting bought, a bottom starts to form. The price starts to compress and the range gets tight. Once the range breaks it causes price to explode in the direction of the break. We’re starting to see this in both these coins.


$PLA price action has been more wild but the volatility can be great for trading if done correctly. This coin is starting to break out of its tight range and has a good shot at moving to $2 and beyond.


$GALA has been another Metaverse trender that went from below $0.10 to over $0.85 in two weeks. These are the types of opportunities available in crypto. This is why every trader should be learning to trade cryptos. We have seen support build up for $GALA above $0.40 with some buying coming in today. It’s starting to clear over its EMA’s while the range is getting tighter. Definitely one to keep on watch for the coming days.


Similar to the others, $ENJ has broke out of its tight range. We took this trade two days ago in our free crypto trading room and have been riding the momentum since. It has been almost a 20% move so far for us!

There are so many opportunities in crypto and the time to learn this market is NOW. The verbiage can be confusing but once you start getting the hang of it, it’s like anything else.

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