4 Must-Watch Videos for Active Crypto Traders

Active cryptocurrency trading is a great way to profit on volatility in the crypto markets. Cryptos can move 5%-15% intraday, and sometimes make 50-100% moves in as little as a week. Day trading and swing trading are two great ways of capitalizing on the momentum if done correctly.

In order to be a successful active crypto trader, have a profitable system, sound risk management, and be experienced in general with trading.  Here are 4 must-watch videos for active crypto traders, and some strategy overviews:

How to Swing Trading Cryptocurrency

Swing trading cryptocurrency is one of the best ways to capitalize on moves in the cryptocurrency markets. Cryptos will often. Here is a trade recap of a swing trade we took on NEO, and more tips on how to successfully swing trade crypto:

Day Trading AND Swing Trading a Position 

Day trading and swing trading is a great way to generate some quick cash flow, but keep yourself in a position to capture a bigger picture move. Here is an example of how we did this with Binance Coin earlier this year:

How to Trade Momentum Breakouts

Trading breakouts in crypto is not as straight forward as you think. Breakouts will rarely just got straight up once a resistance level is broken. You need to understand how breakouts typically playout with cryptos. Here are some tips for trading crypto breakouts correctly:

Bitcoin Cash Trade Review

Old trade review about trading Bitcoin Cash. Still very relevant to trading in the current market conditions, as we are currently in an uptrending market like we were in 2017. Here are some tips for trading breakouts in bull markets, and some tips for trading Bitcoin Cash in general:


The crypto markets are finally seeing momentum and trend after months of a choppy, range-bound market. There are amazing opportunities in the market every week. If you are interested in getting all our trade ideas in real-time for the best setups in the crypto, check out our trading community Cryptostreet.

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