The 5 Best Crypto & Bitcoin Documentaries 2019

It’s almost 2 years since the bull run in BTC and other altcoins that put cryptos on the map, and still, a lot of people have questions about the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.  

These 5 documentaries will give you an in-depth look into the cryptocurrency world, and help you understand how they came into existence. Here are the best crypto and bitcoin documentaries:

Bitcoin- Shape the Future

The first major Bitcoin documentary made by Bitkan, an OTC BTC trading platform that has been around since 2013. Was made in China actually, and the documentary was made in Chinese, but has English subtitles. It takes about the background of the mysterious founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, and features some of the other giants in the crypto world in China:

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

One of the first Bitcoin documentaries made about BTC back in 2014. Early adopters such as Gavin Andresen, Brian Armstrong, and Margaux Avedisian are featured and depict the vision of early adopters. Check out the documentary below:

The Blockchain and US

Finally, a documentary to answer all of your questions about Blockchain technology. This documentary features many experts in the blockchain industry that breaks down the technology, and share thoughts on how it will define our future:


The Bitcoin Gospel

Widely considered to be one of the best Bitcoin documentaries out there.  It explains the purpose of having BTC, what it was like back in 2009 when it was founded, and how it has evolved in the past 10 years. The documentary analyzes the implications of BTC overhauling the traditional financial system,.

Bitcoin in Uganda

People have often wondered about the global, practical applications of BTC. This documentary is a powerful depiction of a story of a boy in Uganda who’s life was transformed by Bitcoin. The documentary shows the potential of the cryptocurrency in aiding the development of impoverished  countries:

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