Blockchain World Conference: The Largest Crypto Event In History

The Blockchain World Conference is expected to be one of the biggest blockchain and cryptocurrency events ever. There will be doezns of the biggest names in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world speaking at this event. Our CEO, Kunal Desai will be speaking at the event as well.  

When And Where

The conference will be at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City, NJ. It will be from July 11th-13th.

Kunal’s Speech

Kunal will be talking about how to find the best ICO’s to invest in during his speech at this event. We are only halfway through 2018 and 837 projects have already used the new fundraising model to raise capital. Since so much money is pouring into this space, Kunal will be talking about how investors can find ICO’s that will yield strong returns, and how to avoid scam ICO’s that will take your money and run.

blockchain world conference


In addition to Kunal, there are several high profile speakers. John McAfee, Patrick Byrne, Neil Patel, and 36 other big names in the cryptocurrency world. You can find the full list of speakers on their website which is at the bottom of this post.

If you’re looking to get really immersed in the cryptocurrency world, this event is the place to be. It will be an amazing networking opportunity, and connect with some prominent names in the cryptocurrency world.

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