Top Crypto Trades From June: Cryptostreet Monthly Recap

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June was an amazing month in the cryptocurrency markets. Bitcoin started to really take off almost getting as high as $14,000 a coin. Altcoins like LNK ran 100’s of percent to the upside. This kind of volatility in the markets is what momentum traders like us dream about. It’s like 2017 all over again. Here … Read more

How to Trade BNB: Cryptostreet Trade Recap

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Binance Coin has been without a doubt the hottest crypto of the year. It is almost at all-time highs while most cryptos, including Bitcoin, are 50% or more off their all-time high prices from late 2017. We are seeing huge relative strength in the name. It’s strong trend has presented some great trading opportunities for … Read more

How to Trade Ethereum in 2019: Cryptostreet Trade Recap

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We’ve been seeing signs of strength across the board in cryptocurrency markets for the past couple weeks! There has been a lot of altcoins with a ton of momentum, that have offered quality opportunities for day trades and swing trades. Litecoin offered a great trading setup last week which we capitalized on, and this week … Read more

Cryptostreet Trade Recap: Swing Trading NEO to Start the Year


We have seen great strength in the crypto markets to start 2019. Bitcoin for the first time in many months is starting to base and grind higher. Bounces are no longer getting faded, and we are starting to see signs of strength in some of the major altcoins. We recently capitalized on the momentum in … Read more

4 Ways To Reduce Crypto Trading Fees

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Crypto trading fees can become a major expense if you are an active trader. Compared to stocks and other financial instruments, trading crypto is relatively expensive. Understanding how the fees work on exchanges, and ways to minimize these fees can save you thousands if not more every year. These are 4 crucial tricks to keep … Read more

ETH Trade Recap: Capitalizing on Market Weakness

Significant weakness has entered the crypto markets in the last couple weeks. Bitcoin finally lost its $6K support area, and it has tumbled all the way down to the low 4000’s. It has brought down many alts like Ethereum with it. We shorted ETH to capitalize on the market weakness and now we are going … Read more