How I Find the Best Cryptocurrencies To Trade

One of the hardest parts about cryptocurrency trading is knowing when you should be trading and when you should be sitting in cash. Understanding what a high-quality setup is a key to knowing when you should be trading or not. To find the best setups in cryptos, you need to find cryptocurrencies with volume, range, … Read more

What Caused The Recent Cryptocurrency Crash: How Will This Drop Affect Cryptos in 2018?

It was truly a bloodbath in the cryptocurrency markets the past couple days. Almost every major cryptocurrency completed roughly a 50% retracement in around 48 hours. This has unnerved many cryptocurrency HODLers. So what does this massive drop mean for the trend of cryptocurrencies in 2018? Let’s start by looking at the fundamental catalyst behind … Read more

What Will Happen To Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin in 2018?

Bitcoin started 2017 under $1000. Ethereum was under $10, and Litecoin was under $5. Bitcoin is now in 14000s, Ethereum is at around 700, and Litecoin is in the 250s. These coins have yielded once in a lifetime kind of returns. So will they yield 1000% returns again in 2018? Huge Move Has Been Made … Read more

The Best 3 Undervalued Altcoins To Watch In 2018

3 best altcoins 2018

Everyone has been talking about altcoins like Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash all year. They have all yielded hundreds of percent returns for holders this year, and are expected to keep increasing in 2018. However, there are numerous altcoins that are not on everyone’s radar yet that could yield monstrous returns in 2018.  So which … Read more

3 Altcoins to Watch in 2018

There has been some incredible altcoin movers in 2017. There are hundreds of altcoins out there, so you have to be careful about the ones you trade. Many of them or pump and dump scams, or very illiquid. We have hundreds of eyes in our cryptocurrency trading chatroom calling out the biggest altcoin movers every day. Here … Read more

Bulls on Crypto Street Trading September-October Recap

It has been an incredible last few weeks in the Bulls on Crypto Street chatroom. There has been some incredible moves in NEO, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Every day we analyze what cryptos have the potential to make explosive moves that day, how we can find entries with the best risk reward, and develop trading plans … Read more

How To Setup Your Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

pros and cons trading cryptocurrencies

A great platform that allows traders access to the cryptocurrency market is This web based charting site is completely free. Head over to the site and search up the ticker symbol BTCUSD and select the Coinbase exchange. This is the ticker symbol for Bitcoin that?s currently trading in the Cryptocurrency market on Gdax. This is … Read more