MAJOR Bitcoin Breakout: Not Another Deadcat Bounce

bitcoin breakout

Bitcoin looks bullish on its daily time frame for the first time since 2017. After A 5-month long base of consolidating between the $3200’s and the $4300 level, we finally had a break to the upside. We haven’t seen a Bitcoin breakout with this kind of follow through this since August 2017 during the last … Read more

The Pyschology Behind The 2017 Crypto Bubble

crypto bubble

Almost exactly a year ago, we witnessed one the biggest asset bubbles in history. The 2017 run in the crypto markets attracted a ridiculous amount of interest from retail traders. So why did so many people buy at completely the wrong time and lose so much money? There are 2 key psychological reasons why the … Read more

4 Ways To Reduce Crypto Trading Fees

crypto trading fees

Crypto trading fees can become a major expense if you are an active trader. Compared to stocks and other financial instruments, trading crypto is relatively expensive. Understanding how the fees work on exchanges, and ways to minimize these fees can save you thousands if not more every year. These are 4 crucial tricks to keep … Read more

How Low Will Bitcoin Go?


Bitcoin bulls have been getting crushed the past couple weeks. BTC finally lost the $6,000 support area convincingly on November 17th. We have had a major pullback, hitting a low in the $3600’s yesterday on November 25th. We have shown no signs of slowing, and it seems like new lows will be coming before the … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About the Tether (USDT) Crash


Yesterday Tether, one of the most popular stable coins, had a huge selloff. On some exchanges, it tanked as much as 10-15%, which is a huge move for a stablecoin that is supposed to protect against volatility. Let’s start by defining Tether, then talk about why it crashed, and discuss some stablecoin alternatives to it: … Read more

The 5 Cryptocurrency Market Cycles

cryptocurrency market cycles

The cryptocurrency markets took center stage last year when Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies had a sensational runup. In January of 2017, the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies was around $18 billion. In January of this year, it peaked at around $800 billion, and today we are at around $220 billion. In order to … Read more

How To Earn Bitcoin | Crypto Blueprint Day 4

How To Earn Bitcoin

Unless you lived under rock the past 12 months, you have probably heard of Bitcoin mentioned somewhere at some point. Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency in the world, and is based on a public ledger called the blockchain. The cryptocurrency will likely revolutionize the financial system as we know it by its decentralized nature. Many … Read more