Complete Recap of the 2018 Crypto Year

2018 crypto

What a year it has been in the cryptocurrency world. After a sensational runup in 2017, we have seen a major pullback in Bitcoin and other altcoins. Despite the major pullback in the markets, we have seen some promising signs of adoption from governments across the world and major corporations. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are … Read more

Blockchain World Conference: The Largest Crypto Event In History

blockchain world conference

The Blockchain World Conference is expected to be one of the biggest blockchain and cryptocurrency events ever. There will be doezns of the biggest names in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world speaking at this event. Our CEO, Kunal Desai will be speaking at the event as well.   When And Where The conference will be at … Read more

G20 Summit Recap & The Regulation of Cryptocurrencies in 2018

There is a ton of uncertainty about the future of cryptocurrencies at the moment. It is unclear how governments will regulate digital assets, and what kind of role they will play in day to day transactions. The G20 news summit was expected to address many of these uncertainties surrounding the future of cryptocurrencies. Here’s a … Read more