Complete Recap of the 2018 Crypto Year

What a year it has been in the cryptocurrency world. After a sensational runup in 2017, we have seen a major pullback in Bitcoin and other altcoins. Despite the major pullback in the markets, we have seen some promising signs of adoption from governments across the world and major corporations. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are slowly becoming acknowledged and accepted by general society.

Let’s look back on all the major events that happened each month in 2018 in the crypto world:


  • Crypto bubble peaks, Ethereum takes over as dominant coin temporarily 
  • Japanese exchange Coincheck loses $530 million in hack
  • Bitconnect is shut down, accused of running a ponzi scheme.


  • Facebook, Google, and other tech giants ban cryptocurrency ads
  • Cricle (backed by Goldman Sachs) announces aquisition of Poloniex Exchange
  • Bitcoin crashes temporarily to $6000 after hitting a high of $20,000 in December


  • Prominent world leaders gather in G20 Summit to discuss cryptocurrency regulation & their future
  • Coinbase announces plans to create their own index fund
  • Wellington Management Co. (Boston based firm with $1 trillion worth of assets under management)  expresses interest in including cryptocurrencies in their portfolios


  • Verge announces partnership with Pornhub
  • United Kingdom, France, Germany, Norway, Spain, and the Netherlands, among others) signed a declaration on the creation of a single digital market and partnership in the blockchain industry
  • EOS announces the transition from the Ethereum blockchain to its own network


  • EOS breaks ICO record, raises 4 billion during frenzy around Dapps
  • Coinbase Pro is launched to replace GDAX
  • Stablecoin TUSD(TrueUSD) launches on Binance


  • Department of Justice announces that it had infiltrated the darknet in and seized more than $20 million in cryptocurrencies.
  • The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis launches a cryptocurrency index
  • SEC establishes the Ether is not a security


  • Maltese parliament passes laws that regulatory framework for blockchain, cryptocurrency
  • IBM launches its own stable coin
  • Mastercard files for patent for  payment system linking blockchain currency.


  • SEC rejects multiple proposals for Bitcoin ETFs
  • SEC starts investigation into Riot Blockchain
  • Ohio Legally Recognizes Blockchain data


  • Stable coin trend accelerates, Gemini launches its own stable coin
  • Morgan Stanley prepares to offer Bitcoin derivative trading for clients
  • Blockchain Lobby group is formed by Coinbase, Circle, Digital Currency Group, and other prominent crypto organizations


  • USDT stablecoin flash crashes
  • Coinbase launches new stablecoin USDC
  • Fidelity launches Fidelity Digital Assets


  • Bitcoin Cash has a hard fork, and results in major pullback
  • Bitcoin sets pace to over take Mastercard in daily transaction volume
  • Bitcoin loses $6000 support area and tumbles with other altcoins


  • G20 leaders sign a declaration to establish a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies
  • Ethereum falls under $100 a coin
  • Litecoin becomes official cryptocurrency partner of the UFC

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