Introduction To Trading Cryptocurrencies

Introduction To Trading Cryptocurrencies

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This intro course will get you ready and set up to start trading cryptocurrencies.

  1. Glossary Of Cryptocurrency Terms
  2. Cryptocurrency Intro Course
  3. Exchange Overview – Binance
  4. Cryptocurrency Trading Pairs
  5. Introduction To Fundamental Analysis
  6. Technical Analysis Overview
  7. Support and Resistance
  8. Anticipating vs Reacting To Confirmations
  9. Swing Trading Flag Breakouts
  10. Day Trading Quick Pullback Buy
  11. Cocktails and Cryptos Sample Episode
  12. Go To Platforms
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Kunal Desai is an American day trader (stocks and cryptos) and founder of Bulls on Wall Street and Bulls on Crypto Street, two online trading academies and informational publications. He has been featured in many high profile publications like Inc, Forbes, Buzzfeed, and Fortune. He has spoke at trading and business events all across the World.