Earn And Spend Bitcoin On Amazon Using Purse

Earn And Spend Bitcoin On Amazon Using Purse

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will become mainstream when we’re able to use them to transact easily. Projects like Purse are creating platforms that allow us to do that, and making it easier to use cryptocurrencies like actual currency.

We recently interviewed the Director of Growth from Purse on CryptoCorner. Check out the interview below where we discuss the amazing features of Purse and how easy they have made it to buy things on Amazon with Bitcoin. We also discuss how to earn Bitcoin with their platform and how to get into the cryptocurrency market in general. Jordan answers questions on where he sees the future of cryptocurrencies and Purse, and where regulation is heading in the market:

What Is Purse?

Purse is a platform that allows you to spend Bitcoin to purchase Amazon items at huge discounts. You can shop for items that are being sold on Amazon and Purse on their website. Purse allows you to import your wishlist from Amazon so you can easily find and shop for items you are interested in.  You can also earn Bitcoin on the platform by fulfilling shoppers’ Amazon orders.

How Purse Works

In order to buy items from Amazon using Purse, you first need to transfer cryptocurrency to Purse’s secure cryptocurrency wallet. Once you transfer Bitcoin into the wallet, you are able to purchase items from Amazon and Purse with Bitcoin. The discounts you receive for purchasing items depend on the delivery speed you want on the item you are purchasing. For the fastest delivery, you select the 5% discount. You can get even bigger discounts by choosing a slower delivery method where you wait for an earner to accept your order. You can get as much as 33% savings by choosing a slower delivery method at the final checkout page. Here is a diagram of the process:


How To Earn Bitcoin On The Platform

On Purse you can earn Bitcoin by purchasing orders with Amazon gift cards. This person is referred to as the “earner”. Earners purchase orders for shoppers by exchanging their Amazon gift cards for Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash will soon be accepted on the platform, so earners will be able to accumulate that as well. After the shopper confirms their order has been received, the Earner receives their Bitcoin payout. An Earner will often trade their Amazon gift cards for below the USD value of the gift card. This is the discount which is passed on to the shopper. Discounts set to 5% will be filled and managed by purse directly. 

Get $10 Off Your First Purchase

Get $10 to spend after your first purchase on Purse with this link here.

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