Frequently Asked Questions

To cancel please go to your most recent receipt and click the manage subscription button. From there you can cancel your subscription. Please check spam folder for all emails if they did not arrive to your inbox.

Once you cancel your subscription your access is terminated. If you would like to cancel we recommend doing it right before your next renewal date to get the maximum amount of time of your subscription.

Subscriptions are automatically charged unless you cancel them.

Please keep in mind we do not offer refunds for any of our products since once the purchase is made you’re immediately benefitting from the education. If you were charged for a renewal and didn’t wish to renew please contact us within 48 hours for a refund of that renewal charge only.

Although this is very rare, sometimes the system doesn’t trigger course access after purchase. Just send us an email at the form below and we will take care of it.

We have had a couple issues in regards to this and have resolved all of them. These are the issues that have come up:
1. Make sure you complete all the lessons in order and hit the mark complete button.
2. Make sure cookies are enabled for the site.

If you subscribed to CryptoStreet, go to lesson one and click the link in the description to join the chatroom.

The chatroom is based on Slack. Please read and follow the directions in that lesson.

Each video must be completed in full. You need to let the video play out by itself and hit the mark complete button to move on.

If you want to skip the lesson you can skip the video to a few seconds before it ends and let it play out.

Make sure you let the video play until the end by itself. Then hit the mark complete button.

If you did that and it still isn’t showing up as complete then log out and back in and it should update. 

Fill out the form below to contact us...