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Who is it for?

This Crypto Trading Kit is for beginners that want to start trading crypto at the ground floor. It includes:

    1. 5 part video mini series
    2. Breakdown down of stocks vs crypto
    3. What is Blockchain?
    4. What is Bitcoin?
    5. What is Ethereum?
    6. The Best Trading Setup To Start Today
    7. Free Access to our 24/7 Discord Trading Room with trade alerts from Kunal
    8. Special bonus

*We will also be sending you important breakdowns on Metaverse coins, NFTs, and 7 of the hottest cryptos today!​

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Meet Your Instructor

Kunal Desai is an American stock trader and CEO of Bulls on Wall Street, an online trading academy. Kunal runs his own hedge fund that gives traders with smaller accounts an opportunity to trade with more capital. He is a passionate day and swing trader and loves helping new traders develop their own winning strategy. He has turned his trading efforts to cryptocurrency trading as he noticed the opportunity to use his strategies to take advantage of the new trends. Aside from trading, Kunal loves traveling the world with his friends and family.

Along with the 5 part video mini series, you will get free access to our crypto chatroom on Discord which includes:

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Our Members Say...

"Awesome service and a great comradary amongst members. BOW staff does a great job of keeping their business professional, but also fun to be a part of. The content is outstanding and it's obvious the BOW staff takes their subscribers seriously through dedication and dependability in their products and services."
"Made back 1/2 the cost of the class in less than 24 hours. No brainer."
Jeff S
"These guys are approachable, you can ask them questions, they want you to succeed."
"The Bulls on Wall Street crew are sum of the finest people I have ever interacted with. I learned a lot of practical trading techniques that is both useful and easy to implement."