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Set it. forget it. earn crypto daily.

Want to earn passive income through cryptocurrency? Create your own mining operation with Coin Mining Domination.

Complete mining course

Build your rig

Build your own rig with our easy to follow video step by step guide.

Daily payouts

Set up your rig once and earn daily crypto payouts you can hodl, trade, or exchange for fiat.


Install the best software and build your mining operation so it's setup for maximum success.


Join our members only mining chatroom operating 24/7 where you can interact with your instructor.

3 Easy To Follow Steps

1. Build your Rig

2. Install Your Software

3. Setup Your Wallet And Collect Your Payouts

It All Starts With Your First Rig

A photo from the Omni Mining facility run by your instructor for this course.

If you’re not techy this may look complicated but once you can build one you just repeat the process.

mining payouts

Omni Mining payouts example.

Want Daily Payouts Like This?

Full Access To Our Private Mining Chatroom

mining chatroom

Ryan "Crypto Odin"

CEO of Omni Mining and Your Instructor

Mining Experience

Ryan aka Crypto Odin is the CEO of Omni Mining with facilities in Austin, Texas and soon to be Iceland. He runs his own mining operation where he offers rig leases, built for you rigs, and cloud mining.

Special Beta Pricing

Currently running a special price for our beta launch of the course. Limited time offer.

Customers reviews

“Mining has been one of the most profitable and fun things I have ever done. I never really understood Bitcoin or Ethereum but Omni held my hand the entire way. Omni does a great job of helping you understand mining and crypto currency from beginner to expert!”
Cory W
Dallas TX
“I had never heard of Bitcoin but I wanted to invest in a safe way – Omni helped get me setup with mining and it is awesome! I keep going to bed and waking up with even more Bitcoin and Ethereum!”
Tyler C
Boston, MA
“I was looking for a way to mine but electricity in my area is very expensive. I decided to host my rig with Omni and I am much more profitable now. I just expanded my mining portfolio by having Omni build me a second rig for Ethereum. My mining hobby is becoming a cash flow machine.”
Boris Y
Stuttgart, Germany
“Mining is the best decision I have ever made. I always wanted a passive income stream because as a Doctor I work a lot of hours and do not have time for a lot of other activities. It has proven to be a great second source of income and very fun to be part of the future of technology.”
Michael T
Los Angeles, CA
“Colocation is the way to go when it comes to mining. I was a home miner and kept growing and the next thing I know my house is 95 degrees and my power bill is outrageous. Colocation is a much better alternative and it actually saves you money!”
Vitali W
Mesa, AZ
“Cloud mining is a fantastic way to invest in crypto but you have to choose the right company. Omni sets itself apart with its commitment to all miners – not just their own clients. It is awesome to see them giving back to the mining community. This is why I went with them – they are involved in the community and always helping other miners.”
Manesh P
Mumbai, India


Most frequent questions and answers

Depends where your facility is but we give you the formula to calculate what your cost would and how to setup your operation so you’re making profits passively.

Nope. We teach you how to build a rig you can operate in your home. From there you can build more and eventually expand your mining business.

You can mine any coin you like. We show you how to setup your rig to mine what you like and we provide what coins are working best right now for mining.

We give you a complete list of all the equipment needed and where to buy it. We show you how to set it all up step by step in our video lessons.

When you purchase the course you will get chatroom access for as long as we keep it open. We’re not planning on going anywhere!

Yes just click the ‘Pay In Bitcoin’ button to be taken to the checkout page to use your Bitcoin to buy the course. Please keep in mind it will take up to 24 hours to be given access when using this method to pay.

A younger Warren Buffet would likely get into mining today.