How to Trade BNB: Cryptostreet Trade Recap

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Binance Coin has been without a doubt the hottest crypto of the year. It is almost at all-time highs while most cryptos, including Bitcoin, are 50% or more off their all-time high prices from late 2017. We are seeing huge relative strength in the name. It’s strong trend has presented some great trading opportunities for … Read more

The 5 Cryptocurrency Market Cycles

cryptocurrency market cycles

The cryptocurrency markets took center stage last year when Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies had a sensational runup. In January of 2017, the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies was around $18 billion. In January of this year, it peaked at around $800 billion, and today we are at around $220 billion. In order to … Read more

12 Essential Videos For Cryptocurrency Newbies

The cryptocurrency world is a daunting prospect for many. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are complicated topics, and the average person is not able to comprehend it without extensive study. For this reason, we compiled a list of Youtube videos that will give you a comprehensive education of the cryptocurrency and blockchain world. Here some important … Read more

Understanding Relative Strength In the Crypto Markets

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Relative strength is a crucial concept to understand in trading, no matter what market you are in. Relative strength is defined as a momentum trading technique that compares the performance of an asset to that of the overall market. It is especially important in the crypto markets, with Bitcoin tending to be the “leader” of … Read more

3 Things You MUST Do To Start Trading Cryptocurrencies Successfully

Trading cryptocurrencies is no easy endeavor. In 2017 anyone could open a Coinbase account and buy any of the cryptocurrencies on Coinbase, and they probably would have made money. 2018 has brought the crypto space back to reality. All of a sudden cryptocurrencies are just as difficult as trading stocks, futures, or any other financial … Read more