How Low Will Bitcoin Go?


Bitcoin bulls have been getting crushed the past couple weeks. BTC finally lost the $6,000 support area convincingly on November 17th. We have had a major pullback, hitting a low in the $3600’s yesterday on November 25th. We have shown no signs of slowing, and it seems like new lows will be coming before the … Read more

2018 Bitcoin Crash vs 2013 Bitcoin Crash

bitcoin crash

Bitcoin is no stranger to volatility. It has had an incredible runup since it was created in 2009. In that year it had almost no value in measurements of fiat currency. In 2010 it was worth about $.003 a coin. Today it is worth just under $7000 a coin, but as recently as December 2017 … Read more

A Complete History of Bitcoin Crashes

Bitcoin is well known to be one of the most volatile assets in all of finance. It has crashed 25% or more in a matter of hours on multiple occasions. Bitcoin crashes actually can be a good thing for long-term investors. Corrections are normal and healthy in any asset in finance, especially for one that … Read more