10 Must-Follow Crypto Influencers

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Crypto-social media is a fantastic way to to grow your knowledge of the cryptocurrency world. But you have to make sure you are following the best crypto influencers, who are the most relevant in the space and share useful knowledge and news. Here are 10 must-follow crypto influencers: 1. Vitalik Buterin (@Vitalikbuterin) Vitalik Buterin is … Read more10 Must-Follow Crypto Influencers

3 Ways Blockchain Technology Will Change The World

blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is known primarily for its role in the cryptocurrency world. However the technology will not just revolutionize the currency world. It will impact many other aspects of our daily life. Blockchain technology collects data into encrypted blocks that can never be changed or modified. These blocks are then distributed across a global network … Read more3 Ways Blockchain Technology Will Change The World

What Problems Does Bitcoin Solve and How Will Cryptos Change the World?

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Cryptocurrency has been around for almost a decade now, but it only recently came into the limelight on major media news outlets in 2017. The hype behind Bitcoin started as people began to realize its potential to resolve huge inefficiencies in the banking and currency space. A common question people have: What problems does Bitcoin … Read moreWhat Problems Does Bitcoin Solve and How Will Cryptos Change the World?

Cryptocurrency Definitions: Blockchain


The global ledger where every transaction of bitcoin that has ever happened is recorded. The complete ledger is well over 100 GB in size, and is growing every day. Bitcoin does not have a central authority to update the ledger and to ensure its accuracy, so the ledger is kept up to date by trustworthy … Read moreCryptocurrency Definitions: Blockchain