The Big Crypto Catalyst | An Overview Of The Ethereum Merge

ethereum merge

Ether is the second largest cryptocurrency based on market cap, and its underlying blockchain is about to switch its consensus mechanism from the original Proof of Work to a more environmentally friendly option, Proof of Stake. This switch is predicted to solve some nagging issues that Ethereum faces such as lack of scalability and sustainable … Read more

Should You Buy This Crypto Dip?

crypto dip

BTC and alts across the board have gotten hammered the past few days. We have seen a strong run up the past couple months in cryptos across the board. Bitcoin and other altcoins like BNB, Ethereum, and Litecoin are up over 100% since the turn of the year. But lately, we have seen a big … Read more

ETH Trade Recap: Capitalizing on Market Weakness

Significant weakness has entered the crypto markets in the last couple weeks. Bitcoin finally lost its $6K support area, and it has tumbled all the way down to the low 4000’s. It has brought down many alts like Ethereum with it. We shorted ETH to capitalize on the market weakness and now we are going … Read more

Shorting ETH From $250 to $200: Cryptostreet Trade Recap


Ethereum has been getting hammered all summer. For most of 2018, Ethereum would closely follow Bitcoin’s trend. In the past month or so, we have seen a big divergence, and major relative weakness come into Ethereum. In the past month, for every 1% BTC drops, ETH has been dropping 2 or 3 percent. After hitting … Read more