Essential Cryptocurrency Security Tips | Crypto Blueprint Day 3

Essential Cryptocurrency Security Tips

One of the most exciting features about cryptocurrencies is how they cut out the middleman. No corrupt banks taking advantage of your hard earned money. No issues with fiat inflation. The cryptocurrency you own is truly yours, with no other 3rd party having a claim on it. It is one of the most exciting technological … Read more

Cryptocurrency Wallet Guide For Beginners | Crypto Blueprint Day 1

Cryptocurrency Wallet Guide For Beginners

Welcome to day 1 of our Crypto Blueprint for Beginners. In order to own and trade cryptocurrencies, you must have a cryptocurrency wallet. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the different types of cryptocurrency wallets, and the pros and cons of each type: Cryptocurrency Wallet Overview A cryptocurrency wallet is … Read more

Cryptocurrency Wallet Review: Trezor Hardware Wallet

The Trezor hardware wallet is considered by many to be the most secure hardware wallet on the market. If you’re unfamiliar with cryptocurrency wallets, there are two types of wallets you can store your cryptocurrencies on: Hot wallets and hardware wallets. Hot wallets are wallets that store cryptocurrencies in a secure online database. Hardware wallets are used … Read more