Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges: Crypto Blueprint Day 2

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges

After you find a cryptocurrency wallet to use, you need to find secure and reliable cryptocurrency exchanges to trade on. Most cryptocurrency exchanges are not places you want to be giving your hard earned money to. In this article we will define what a cryptocurrency exchange is and discuss 5 reliable exchanges to trade on. … Read more

The 3 Best Exchanges To Trade On Right Now

best exchanges

The cryptocurrency exchange space is constantly evolving, with exchanges constantly coming out with new features. The exchange space has become proficient enough that most of the major exchanges have resolved their major shortcomings and we are seeing the top exchanges continually adapt to meet customer needs. In this article we’re going to talk about the … Read more

How To Short Bitcoin and Other Altcoins: The Best Crytpocurrency Short Selling Setups

Bitcoin just had a very bearish break of support in the past 24 hours. The break of the 9000 level put just about every buyer who was looking for a return to $20k in the past month under water. Despite the strong bounce in Bitcoin and other altcoins in the past month, we have not … Read more

Cryptocurrency Definitions: Kraken


Based in San Francisco, Kraken is an international exchange with a clear web design and global access from customers. Overall liquidity is also high on the charts with $223,893,382 daily volumehich makes it currently a top5 exchange by volume. There are a few attractions to Kraken, one being the high liquidity that they offer. Another … Read more