Verge Announces Huge Partnership With Pornhub: Recap Of Our Interview With The Founder

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing the founder of the popular cryptocurrency Verge (XVG).  Verge recently made an announcement that it partnered with Pornhub to start accepting Verge as a payment method. The adult entertainment world is a monster, multi-billion dollar industry. This truly is a huge step for Verge and cryptocurrencies. Since the announcement, there have been thousands of Verge payments on Pornhub. Here is our full interview with the founder of Verge:

How Did Verge Start?

Justin got into mining cryptos at around 2012. He got tired of seeing all these altcoins being created that were just small variations of the same code base. He decided to create a privacy coin to improve on the existing altcoins during that time. One of the most unique things about XVG is that they didn’t do an ICO or pre-mine to raise funds in the beginning. This says a lot about the motivations of the developers behind the coin. They are in this for more than just the money.

What Is Verge?

Verge is an opened sourced cryptocurrency that is meant to provide individuals and businesses with a fast, efficient and decentralized way of making direct transactions while maintaining privacy. Their mission is to “empower people around the world by bringing blockchain transactions into everyday life.”

The Partnership With Pornhub

XVG recently announced a partnership with the porn industry giant Pornhub. The online adult industry is a massive multi-billion dollar industry that has yet to adopt a way of privatizing payments for the paid services on major sites like Pornhub. Verge has already been used thousands of times to pay for Pornhub’s services since the partnership has started. The Verge blockchain is extremely scalable and is expected to have no issues processing the growing number of transactions as a result of the partnership.

Selloff as a result of the Pornhub Partnership?

According to the founder, Verge has a very large Muslim userbase. In the Muslim religion, porn is viewed as a very controversial and taboo subject. It is possible that many of these users dumped their coins on the news of the partnership with Pornhub.

Plans to Integrate With A Hardware Wallet?

There are plans to begin integrations with multiple hardware wallets. That is one of their biggest priorities this year, and they hope to have integrations completed before the end of the year.

Cryptocurrency Markets Analogous To Penny Stock Markets

Justin mentions in the interview how similar the crypto markets are to the penny stock markets. It is a cut-throat world with a ton of misinformation spread about cryptocurrencies, without any formal regulation. These usually attempt to manipulate the price of cryptocurrencies through hype and creating fear. There is a ton of misinformation about XVG and other cryptocurrencies out there, so it is crucial you get your information from multiple, reliable sources so that you can make educated investment decisions based on facts.

Verge’s Future

Even the founder did not see XVG growing as fast as it did the past few years. Verge already has one of the largest communities out of all the cryptos out there. The Verge team seem to be focused on doing what is best for the coin and the Verge community, as opposed to just pumping up the price of their coin so the insiders can sell their coins for a huge profit, like most altcoins out there at the moment.

XVG Technical Analysis


You can see that XVG has a very strong trend on its daily chart. It has had a strong retracement since the turn of the year, likely due to the uncertainty surrounding the regulation of the cryptocurrency markets. It has shown signs of strength the past month, making a nice push since the middle of March when it bottomed at around 3 cents a coin. If it can hold a bid over the psychological 10 cent resistance mark, it may be on for move back towards its ATH’s. You can learn more about Verge on its site here: