Bank Of Japan Official: Digital Currencies Will Not Supplant Physical Money Soon

View the full post on its original source November 22, 2017 7:15 PM Despite the exuberance surrounding cryptocurrency, it will be difficult to achieve dramatic change in the financial sector. On Wednesday, a senior official for the Bank of Japan tempered expectations for digital currency. Rome wasn’t built in a day – and it looks … Read more

Malaysian Authorities Creating Cryptocurrency Regulatory Infrastructure

View the full post on its original source November 22, 2017 7:12 PM To make cryptocurrencies more subject to oversight, frameworks for the regulation of blockchain-based currencies will be established in Malaysia. According to reports on November 22, 2017, the Malaysian central bank governor Muhammad Ibrahim said that the country is in the midst of … Read more

Asset Manager Launches Europe's First Bitcoin Mutual Fund

View the full post on its original sourceA French asset manager has announced the launch of Europe’s first mutual fund centered around bitcoin. Announced today, Tobam’s alternative investment fund perhaps represents the latest bid to attract institutional investors to cryptocurrencies (though, as in the case with similar financial instruments, investors wouldn’t be holding bitcoin directly). … Read more

Standard Chartered, Axis Launch Payments Service With Ripple Tech

View the full post on its original sourceFinancial institutions Standard Chartered and Axis Bank have announced a new cross-border payments platform built on top of technology developed by Ripple. Unveiled today, the platform – which will connect corporates between Singapore and India – will be accessible through Standard Chartered’s Straight2Bank system. According to SC’s release, the … Read more

Bitcoin Is 'Not Actually Legal,' Says Zimbabwe Central Bank Chief

View the full post on its original sourceThe Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has warned that bitcoin is currently illegal in the country. According to a report by local news source Chronicle today, Norman Mataruka, director and registrar of the central bank, said that “bitcoin … is not actually legal” to use within Zimbabwe. He … Read more

Central Bank of Malaysia Plans Cryptocurrency Reporting Rules

View the full post on its original sourceThe governor of Malaysia’s central bank, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), has provided more detail on its upcoming regulatory framework aimed to counter the illicit uses of cryptocurrencies. In statements made today at a counter-terrorism financing summit, BNM governor Muhammad Ibrahim said the new rules are being drawn up to combat … Read more

What's Next for Bitcoin Cash? Stopping Users From Losing Funds

View the full post on its original sourceThe rift between bitcoin and its offshoot bitcoin cash isn’t just ideological – it’s hazardous. For months, a technical quirk has led some users of both cryptocurrencies to lose money, temporarily and permanently. But it appears that nightmare scenario may soon be in the past, as bitcoin cash’s … Read more

Mike Novogratz Doubles Down on $10,000 Bitcoin Prediction

View the full post on its original sourceBillionaire and ex-fund manager Michael Novogratz has restated his belief that bitcoin will end the year at $10,000, adding that ethereum could close at $500. Speaking with Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas yesterday, Novogratz said that “I think we’ll hit a new high soon … we’ll end the year at $10,000 in bitcoin.” Ethereum, the … Read more

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