Complete Beginners Guide To GameFi And Play to Earn Tokens

gamefi and play to earn

Play to Earn games have become quite common with each passing day, as more people are intrigued with the concept of enjoying the gameplay and earning in the process. This type of blockchain-based game offers players a form of earning via cryptocurrencies or NFTs. They are structured to permit gamers to earn these benefits when … Read more

Solana & SOL: A Blockchain and Token Built For Speed

solana overview

Solana is a blockchain network that sees itself as the solution to the scalability issues evidenced in Ethereum. It has been called the ‘Ethereum killer’ by quite a number of people. The core elements of this network are its high throughput and fast transactions. Unlike Ethereum 1.0 which is currently battling with high transaction fees … Read more

A Multi-Chain Eco-Friendly Network – Overview of Avalanche

avalanche - avax

Avalanche is a new generation blockchain that was designed to offer lower fees and fast transaction time. It was launched to the public in 2020 by Ava Labs, and founded by Emin Gün Sirer, a notable researcher. Ever since then, the blockchain network has grown rapidly with both decentralized finance and NFT projects being built … Read more

Cheaper, Faster, Private, Interoperable – The Case For Parachains And Polkdadot

polkadot parachians

Parachains are fairly new innovations that are available on a few networks like Polkadot and Kusama. The aforementioned networks are designed to solve the scalability issues noticed in the notable smart contract chain, Ethereum. Almost every blockchain that came after Ethereum is designed to solve its pain points. Parachains are not common elements in most … Read more

Solving Scalability – Overview of NEAR Protocol

NEAR Protocol

The newer generation of blockchains is focused on solving the blockchain trilemma which involves the scalability element that Ethereum has been unable to effect. When Ethereum began its operations, transactions moved smoothly. Developers and users did not have to worry about scalability issues because gas fees were cheap, and transaction speed was fast. The activities … Read more

Has The Ethereum Killer Finally Arrived? Here Is A Breakdown Of Fantom & FTM.

fantom FTM breakdown

Ethereum Blockchain may be effective and life-changing, but it is plagued with some issues. Initially, the network worked smoothly, developers could seamlessly create their decentralized apps and smart contracts, while users could carry out transactions without paying a lot in gas fees. As more decentralized apps were built on the blockchain, it became congested and … Read more

What Is The Metaverse? – 7 Meta Coins To Watch

What Is The Metaverse

Metaverse is a term that is loosely thrown around recently, especially since the name change of Facebook to Meta. The history of the term ‘metaverse’ can be traced to a notable SciFi novelist, Neal Stephenson in his book- Snow Crash. He detailed a universe that was different from what existed. It was a 3D virtual … Read more

Curve Wars Part 1: The King of DeFi

Curve wars

As of writing, Curve Finance is the second largest protocol in all of DeFi, with a TVL (Total Value Locked) of $14.43 billion. CRV has been gaining a lot of attention as of late due to what is referred to as the “Curve Wars”. The Curve Wars is essentially different protocols making million dollar bribes … Read more