These Altcoins Could Run 100x | Crypto Trader Dishes On Ethereum Merge Strategy | Meta Money #4

altcoins 100x Etheruem merge

Crypto and markets in general have gone crazy!!! But we must remain focused and ready to capitalize on opportunities as they come. In the latest episode of Meta Money, Kunal Desai answers 7 important questions happening in crypto right now. Is the bear market over? Is the Ethereum merge the biggest catalyst crypto has experienced? … Read more

14 Years Of Free Money Is Coming To End | Meta Money #2


In the second episode of Meta Money, we go into the recent developments in the cryptocurrency and NFT world, in relation to current market events, and the ongoing global crisis. Kunal answers these 5 questions: How do you see the Metaverse looking in 10 years? Do you think crypto will be used as a tool … Read more

Meta Money – 5 Questions With Kunal Desai

Meta Money Kunal Desai

In this video Kunal talks about 5 of the most asked questions he gets about cryptocurrency surrounding the bull and bear market bubble, NFT’s, and how he is approaching the cryptocurrency market in 2022. 1:28 How Do People Relate To Cryptocurrency? 2:28 How Does Crypto Compare To The Dot Com Bubble? 4:01 Why Do You … Read more