DOGE Buy or Sell?


Dogecoin has captured the attention of the mainstream as of late and has been the best performing cryptocurrency year to date. DOGE was started as a joke back in 2013 to the rising popularity of Bitcoin and altcoins. The DOGE community even sponsored the Jamaican Bobsled Team. As of today, DOGE is worth more than … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About the Tether (USDT) Crash


Yesterday Tether, one of the most popular stable coins, had a huge selloff. On some exchanges, it tanked as much as 10-15%, which is a huge move for a stablecoin that is supposed to protect against volatility. Let’s start by defining Tether, then talk about why it crashed, and discuss some stablecoin alternatives to it: … Read more

CryptoStreet Newsletter – August 27

CryptoStreet Newsletter

We decided to release this weeks newsletter for everyone on our blog. To receive these straight to email every week subscribe below. CryptoStreet Weekly News and Analysis “There is one investment strategy that works across crypto, public equities, and venture capital: Back world-class teams.” – @pomp Poll of the Week With so many available exchange, … Read more

2018 Bitcoin Crash vs 2013 Bitcoin Crash

bitcoin crash

Bitcoin is no stranger to volatility. It has had an incredible runup since it was created in 2009. In that year it had almost no value in measurements of fiat currency. In 2010 it was worth about $.003 a coin. Today it is worth just under $7000 a coin, but as recently as December 2017 … Read more

The Crypto Bubble vs The Dot-Com Bubble

crypto bubble

There have been numerous asset bubbles throughout recent human history. Asset bubbles occur regularly in economies where people get over exuberant over new technological developments. An asset bubble is defined as a period of rapid escalation of asset prices followed by a big decline. It is crucial to understand how these bubbles work, and why … Read more

Beginner’s Guide For Upcoming ICOs: 7 Things To Consider Before Investing

upcoming icos

Evaluating upcoming ICOs is a tricky business. Many don’t understand what an initial coin offering is, including people who actually invest in them. In order to be able to make educated investments into ICOs, you must understand how to evaluate ICOs to see if it will appreciate in value. Before explaining how to evaluate an … Read more

The Different Types Of Cryptocurrency: How To Determine The Best Long Term Investment

It has become more widely accepted the past 12 months that cryptocurrency will play a pivotal role in the future. However many people are not familiar with the different types of cryptocurrency, and what different functions each serve. Definition of Cryptocurrency Before we get into the different types of cryptocurrency, let’s start with the basic … Read more

6 Things I Wish I Knew About Cryptocurrency Trading Before I Started

Cryptocurrency trading completely changed my social life. It is a transition from stock trading, but some of the skills and setups do apply for both. Before you get started trading cryptocurrencies, you need to understand exactly what you are getting into, and have realistic expectations. I had to learn many tough lessons about cryptocurrency the hard … Read more

A Complete History of Bitcoin Crashes

Bitcoin is well known to be one of the most volatile assets in all of finance. It has crashed 25% or more in a matter of hours on multiple occasions. Bitcoin crashes actually can be a good thing for long-term investors. Corrections are normal and healthy in any asset in finance, especially for one that … Read more