14 Years Of Free Money Is Coming To End | Meta Money #2


In the second episode of Meta Money, we go into the recent developments in the cryptocurrency and NFT world, in relation to current market events, and the ongoing global crisis. Kunal answers these 5 questions: How do you see the Metaverse looking in 10 years? Do you think crypto will be used as a tool … Read more

Meta Money – 5 Questions With Kunal Desai

Meta Money Kunal Desai

In this video Kunal talks about 5 of the most asked questions he gets about cryptocurrency surrounding the bull and bear market bubble, NFT’s, and how he is approaching the cryptocurrency market in 2022. 1:28 How Do People Relate To Cryptocurrency? 2:28 How Does Crypto Compare To The Dot Com Bubble? 4:01 Why Do You … Read more

Curve Wars Part 3: The Final Dagger

Curve wars

This article is for educational purposes only. Not investment advice. Part one of the Curve Wars discussed Curve Finance and its perks to investors. Curve Wars Part 2 analyzed Convex Finance and Votium. This article will end the series, focusing on the higher level aspects of the flywheel. [REDACTED] Cartel: Its Role  [REDACTED] Cartel describes itself … Read more

What Is The Metaverse? – 7 Meta Coins To Watch

What Is The Metaverse

Metaverse is a term that is loosely thrown around recently, especially since the name change of Facebook to Meta. The history of the term ‘metaverse’ can be traced to a notable SciFi novelist, Neal Stephenson in his book- Snow Crash. He detailed a universe that was different from what existed. It was a 3D virtual … Read more

The Best Crypto Exchange For Traders Worldwide – KuCoin Exchange Review

Kucoin Exchange Review

The crypto space has witnessed a large volume of transactions. Thousands of cryptocurrencies exist and many of them are created to achieve varying benefits. Usually, these tokens and coins are traded in exchanges. They can be bought and sold on crypto exchanges. Traders are allowed to use different trading styles such as margin trading, futures … Read more

Curve Wars Part 2: The Kingmaker of DeFi Convex

Curve wars

In part 1, we went over Curve Finance and what makes it so attractive to investors. In this article, we will explore a relatively new addition to the Curve ecosystem called Convex Finance. Convex Finance developed a protocol specifically for CRV staking. Since staking on Curve requires long lock-up times, Convex allows stakers to unstake … Read more

Curve Wars Part 1: The King of DeFi

Curve wars

As of writing, Curve Finance is the second largest protocol in all of DeFi, with a TVL (Total Value Locked) of $14.43 billion. CRV has been gaining a lot of attention as of late due to what is referred to as the “Curve Wars”. The Curve Wars is essentially different protocols making million dollar bribes … Read more

How To Easily Explain Bitcoin To A Newbie

Explaining Bitcoin as a non-sovereign, permissionless, hard-capped supply, global, immutable, decentralized, digital store of value can go way over peoples heads. It takes time learning about Bitcoin to understand why these characteristics matter. That’s why I’ve adopted a new approach to explaining Bitcoin when people ask me about it. I got this concept from Raoul … Read more

Using Open Interest & Funding Rates To Swing Trade Crypto

Bitcoin: Futures Open Interest (Current)

In our Cryptostreet Bootcamp we discuss open interest and funding rates in detail and how to use them to swing trade the crypto market. Future Open Interest Bitcoin open interest is the total number of outstanding Bitcoin derivative contracts, such as options or futures that have not been settled. When it comes to futures, we … Read more