Deep Dive: How NFTs Are Made

how NFTs are made

What is an NFT again?  Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are distinct crypto assets. At first glance, they act like regular cryptocurrencies, but they have one crucial difference: each one is unique. Each coin has a specific serial number and owner/creator. NFTs are among the newest, most exciting developments in the blockchain space. Although they may … Read more

Complete Beginners Guide To GameFi And Play to Earn Tokens

gamefi and play to earn

Play to Earn games have become quite common with each passing day, as more people are intrigued with the concept of enjoying the gameplay and earning in the process. This type of blockchain-based game offers players a form of earning via cryptocurrencies or NFTs. They are structured to permit gamers to earn these benefits when … Read more

How To Buy Your First NFT

buy an NFT

Non Fungible Tokens- NFTs- are digital assets with unique characteristics that can be minted, bought, and sold on a Marketplace. As a non-fungible digital item, every NFT minted is different from others.  Let’s say a friend borrows a dollar and spends it. When they return a different dollar note to the lender, it replaces the … Read more