Curve Wars Part 2: The Kingmaker of DeFi Convex

Curve wars

In part 1, we went over Curve Finance and what makes it so attractive to investors. In this article, we will explore a relatively new addition to the Curve ecosystem called Convex Finance. Convex Finance developed a protocol specifically for CRV staking. Since staking on Curve requires long lock-up times, Convex allows stakers to unstake … Read more

Bitcoin Metrics For Investors: BTC Locked on Ethereum

bitcoin supply on defi

Welcome to the fourth metric that Bitcoin investors should be tracking. The metric we will discuss in todays article is “BTC Locked on Ethereum”. If you missed the third metric, you can read it here. Let’s begin by going into what being locked on Ethereum means. If you haven’t heard, Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency. … Read more

Understanding The DeFi Tech Stack


Blockchain Technology is becoming one of the key components to Web 3.0. Leading the way with this new revolution is the Ethereum ecosystem. Similar to how our current Internet infrastructure is built on HTTP, decentralized applications are being built on Ethereum. For example, currently we have HTTP, then Facebook built on top, and then developers … Read more

3 Steps To DeFi For Beginners

Using DeFi

Whether it’s DeFi or NFT’s, the Ethereum ecosystem has enjoyed new mainstream adoption the past few months. Issues still remain on the complexity of using the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts, however the use cases have definitely been increasing. We will begin to explore different ways to use Ethereum on this blog. In today’s article, … Read more