Bulls on Crypto Street Trading September-October Recap

It has been an incredible last few weeks in the Bulls on Crypto Street chatroom. There has been some incredible moves in NEO, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Every day we analyze what cryptos have the potential to make explosive moves that day, how we can find entries with the best risk reward, and develop trading plans that will allow our winners to run and cut losers quickly.

Cryptocurrency Alerts from Our Chatroom the Past Month:




Not every trade is going to be a winner. We are not going to BS you into thinking that we win on every trade. When we’re wrong we cut or losses quickly. We emphasize cutting losers quickly just as much if not more than letting winners ride.

What People Are Saying:

Our chatroom is full of experienced and new traders who are growing their cryptocurrency knowledge and refining their trading strategy every day. Everyone is hungry for success, and everyone is willing to help those who need it.

Kunal’s alerts are there for educational purposes. They’re not there for you to blindly buy or short as soon as he alerts a ticker. The alerts are to show you what setups look like in real time, and for confirmation purposes. Kunal will answer any questions you have in the chat about why he took a trade, why he entered, why he exited at the spots he did. Our goal is teach you how to fish, rather than doing the fishing for you and you have no idea what’s going on.

Coins That We Traded:

Bitcoin (BTC)- Bitcoin has been consolidating for months under the 5000 level. As soon as we got a nice clean break of that level, we waited for a pull back to catch the second push to the high 5000’s from a 5215 entry. We rarely daytrade Bitcoin, as it doesn’t have much range and volatility compared to other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Litecoin. However when it has a breakout like it did after a long period of consolidation that’s a setup that we will take on any coin with that kind of liquidity.

Litecoin (LTC)- After Bitcoin took off, Litecoin followed in sympathy. We had a few nice trades with this. After it broke out of the 57 resistence it had some great follow through. Litecoin is great for small accounts because it has such great range

NEO- Recent ICO in September, has had some great range and opportunity almost every week. It had a nice rebound despite the news of China banning ICO’s last month. Had a few nice trades on this one when it broke out of its downtrend.

Ethereum (ETH)- One of our favorite cryptos to trade. Always has great range, and becomes even better to trade when Bitcoin is showing strength like it did the past few days. It will hopefully offer even more opportunities this month.

Cryptocurrencies are an incredible new and exciting frontier in the financial markets. To prepare yourself to capitalize on this exciting new opportunity, check out our Cryptocurrency Trading Chatroom. If you’re looking for high quality charting software for trading cryptocurrencies, Tradingview.com has a great platform with all the tools you need for successful trading in one place.

Bulls on Crypto Street is a trading education website dedicated to cryptocurrencies. We teach strategies for swing and day trading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other Altcoins. We're at the forefront of this industry and are continuously providing up to date information on each coin, regulations, news, token sales, and much more.

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