Blockchain Security: How Transactions Are Kept Safe

Blockchain Security How Transactions Are Kept Safe

Blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger that records transactions between two parties in a secure, tamper-proof way. For a transaction to be added to this distributed network, it must be verified by a majority of computers on the network. This verification process at the core of blockchain security is known as “mining” or “staking” Once … Read more

3 Reasons Why Blockchain in Supply Chain Management is Revolutionizing an Antiquated Industry

Blockchain Is revolutionizing supply chain management

The supply chain industry can be likened to a hybrid between the telephone game, the water bucket challenge, and a high school group project gone wrong. At 2 a.m. on the night before the project is due, the grade-A student is still waiting for everyone else to e-mail their parts but doesn’t know when or … Read more

NFTs Are Here To Stay With These Real World Use Cases

NFTs Are Here To Stay With These Real World Use Cases

Everyone is talking about it, but what are people doing about it? The Bear Market…*insert spooky music*. Crypto is crashing, NFTs are still useless and everyone is getting hacked. Fortunately, we see things from a different scope. Contrary to the panic, now is the pristine time to be looking for these Web3 opportunities. Why? I’m … Read more

The Big Crypto Catalyst | An Overview Of The Ethereum Merge

ethereum merge

Ether is the second largest cryptocurrency based on market cap, and its underlying blockchain is about to switch its consensus mechanism from the original Proof of Work to a more environmentally friendly option, Proof of Stake. This switch is predicted to solve some nagging issues that Ethereum faces such as lack of scalability and sustainable … Read more

The Most Powerful Trading Indicator: Step by Step Guide To Using Volume Profile

Volume Profile

The Volume Profile is an advanced charting study and indicator that discloses trades that have been done for a certain period at different price points. This trading indicator offers traders access to information on the price where the security or asset was traded the most during a period. As a charting study, users can access … Read more

Deep Dive: How NFTs Are Made

how NFTs are made

What is an NFT again?  Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are distinct crypto assets. At first glance, they act like regular cryptocurrencies, but they have one crucial difference: each one is unique. Each coin has a specific serial number and owner/creator. NFTs are among the newest, most exciting developments in the blockchain space. Although they may … Read more

Decentralized Insurance: Nexus Mutual Is Making DeFi Safer

nexus mutual

The DeFi space is quite lucrative with different protocols offering incredible functionalities like Decentralized lending, Automated Market Making, and much more.  With the wealth in this space, it is a target of hackers. It is common to see different types of exploitation in the DeFi space from smart contract exploitation to hot wallet hacks. DeFi … Read more