How Ethereum Was Created

  Founded in 2015, Ethereum is the 2nd largest cryptocurrency in the world, behind Bitcoin. Ethereum (ETH) is a decentralized program platform that empowers SmartContracts to be assembled and operate without downtime, fraud, interference or control from an outside party. How Did Ethereum Start? Ethereum was proposed in 2013 by a cryptocurrency researcher/programmer named Vitalik … Read more

Bitcoin: Should You HODL Or Should You Trade?

Bitcoin is the biggest story in finance this year. Bloomberg just announced that for the first time ever the term “buy bitcoin” when searched on google has surpassed “buy gold”. We see people all over the internet claiming to make millions from it. So how can you profit? Should you HODL? Should you buy and sell … Read more

5 Essential Free Resources for Cryptocurrency Traders

Many have asked what are the best sites to use to research and trade cryptocurrencies. Here are 5 free resources for Cryptocurrency traders looking for free charting, live scanners, and places to research cryptocurrency fundementals. Great site with free charting software with live cryptocurrency quotes. They have quotes on all the main cryptocurrencies, and also … Read more

Another Fork? How to Trade Bitcoin Gold

On October 25th, another fork in Bitcoin was announced. This is the second fork in Bitcoin, the first being on August 1st resulting in the creation of Bitcoin Cash. This new fork will result in the creation of Bitcoin Gold.  This new version of Bitcoin involves the shifting of the hashing algorithm to utilize Ethereum’s … Read more

Pros and Cons Trading Cryptocurrencies

Our new cryptocurrency trading room (CryptoStreet) has had some great results over the last 6 weeks. With 130+ members so far, CryptoStreet is active 24/7 with many great traders and many newbies learning every day. Here are some pros and cons of trading cryptocurrencies versus trading stocks. Pros More Time to Process Information: Cryptocurrency patterns take … Read more

Quick Guide To Token Sales For Traders And Investors

What is an Initial Coin Offering (also known as a token sale)? An Initial Coin Offering (ICO), also known as a token sale, is a method that is used to generate funds for a cryptocurrency venture. This offering can be used by startups to skip the rigorous and controlled capital-raising procedure demanded by venture capitalists or … Read more