These Altcoins Could Run 100x | Crypto Trader Dishes On Ethereum Merge Strategy | Meta Money #4

altcoins 100x Etheruem merge

Crypto and markets in general have gone crazy!!! But we must remain focused and ready to capitalize on opportunities as they come. In the latest episode of Meta Money, Kunal Desai answers 7 important questions happening in crypto right now. Is the bear market over? Is the Ethereum merge the biggest catalyst crypto has experienced? … Read more

The Big Crypto Catalyst | An Overview Of The Ethereum Merge

ethereum merge

Ether is the second largest cryptocurrency based on market cap, and its underlying blockchain is about to switch its consensus mechanism from the original Proof of Work to a more environmentally friendly option, Proof of Stake. This switch is predicted to solve some nagging issues that Ethereum faces such as lack of scalability and sustainable … Read more

FTX’s CEO Warns That Some Exchanges May Be Insolvent & Other Top Stories

Top 5 Crypto Headlines This Week

As a result of the fast-paced nature of the crypto environment, different news stories tend to pop up regularly. This article analyzes some of the top news in the crypto market for the latter part of the month of June 2022.  BlockFi Acquisition Fiasco by FTX and Ledn Recently, BlockFi has been facing financial turmoil, … Read more

Top 5 Crypto Headlines This Week: Celsius, Babel Finance, 3AC, Vogager Face Possible Insolvency

Top 5 Crypto Headlines This Week

As a fast-paced world, the crypto realm is filled with news about innovations, happenings, and much more. Sometimes, the news may be favorable, and other times the opposite is the case. This article analyzes the top crypto news this past week.  Tron’s USDD Stablecoin Still Hasn’t Recovered Its Dollar Peg Tron released its stablecoin, USDD … Read more

The Most Powerful Trading Indicator: Step by Step Guide To Using Volume Profile

Volume Profile

The Volume Profile is an advanced charting study and indicator that discloses trades that have been done for a certain period at different price points. This trading indicator offers traders access to information on the price where the security or asset was traded the most during a period. As a charting study, users can access … Read more

Decentralized Insurance: Nexus Mutual Is Making DeFi Safer

nexus mutual

The DeFi space is quite lucrative with different protocols offering incredible functionalities like Decentralized lending, Automated Market Making, and much more.  With the wealth in this space, it is a target of hackers. It is common to see different types of exploitation in the DeFi space from smart contract exploitation to hot wallet hacks. DeFi … Read more