Understanding Why The Price Of Bitcoin Is Declining

After a week of trading flat, the cryptocurrency market experienced a sudden flash crash earlier this week, with most currencies losing anywhere between 10 and 20 percent of their total value. While the first significant price drop was witnessed on June 10, the declining trend persisted over the three days that followed as well. While … Read more

3 Things You MUST Do To Start Trading Cryptocurrencies Successfully

Trading cryptocurrencies is no easy endeavor. In 2017 anyone could open a Coinbase account and buy any of the cryptocurrencies on Coinbase, and they probably would have made money. 2018 has brought the crypto space back to reality. All of a sudden cryptocurrencies are just as difficult as trading stocks, futures, or any other financial … Read more

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges & Charting Platforms

Exchanges & Charting Platforms The cryptocurrency world can be a very daunting place. Each exchange has their own plethora of rules, fees, and restrictions for setting up new accounts. Certain exchanges work for some countries, and not for others. Some enable fiat deposits and withdrawals, while others only accept digital currency deposits. For this reason, … Read more