10 Common Mistakes Newbie Cryptocurrency Traders Make

The 2000%+ returns in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many other coins in 2017 attracted a huge amount of retail investors into the cryptocurrency space. Most of these investors got wiped in 2018 during the huge pullback in BTC and all other altcoins cause they had no clue what they were doing. Most of these retail … Read more

What Caused The Recent Cryptocurrency Crash: How Will This Drop Affect Cryptos in 2018?

It was truly a bloodbath in the cryptocurrency markets the past couple days. Almost every major cryptocurrency completed roughly a 50% retracement in around 48 hours. This has unnerved many cryptocurrency HODLers. So what does this massive drop mean for the trend of cryptocurrencies in 2018? Let’s start by looking at the fundamental catalyst behind … Read more

6 Steps To Get Started Mining Cryptocurrencies

Mining cryptocurrencies is by no means a “get rich easy” scheme. Just like any passive income source, it takes time, energy, and capital to cultivate. However, it’s a great way to capitalize on this crazy, viral trend of the past 12 months. Before getting into how to get started mining, let’s go through an overview … Read more

Cryptocurrency Wallet Review: Trezor Hardware Wallet

The Trezor hardware wallet is considered by many to be the most secure hardware wallet on the market. If you’re unfamiliar with cryptocurrency wallets, there are two types of wallets you can store your cryptocurrencies on: Hot wallets and hardware wallets. Hot wallets are wallets that store cryptocurrencies in a secure online database. Hardware wallets are used … Read more

Cryptocurrency Wallet Review: Ledger Nano S

The Ledger Nano S is one of the most secure and reliable cryptocurrency wallets on the market right now. It is also one of the cheapest hardware wallets out there that offers this kind of security. Before we review the Ledger Nano S, we will explain the basics of a hardware wallet and why you would want … Read more

Bittrex: Cryptocurrency Exchange Review


Bittrex is one of the most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges at the moment. It’s relatively new on the market, yet currently holds a place as of one of the largest multi-altcoin cryptocurrency exchanges. In 2017 the overall daily trading volume was $156,110,15, making Bittrex a top 10 exchange by volume. Bittrex is one of the fastest … Read more

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges & Charting Platforms

Exchanges & Charting Platforms The cryptocurrency world can be a very daunting place. Each exchange has their own plethora of rules, fees, and restrictions for setting up new accounts. Certain exchanges work for some countries, and not for others. Some enable fiat deposits and withdrawals, while others only accept digital currency deposits. For this reason, … Read more

5 Ways To Make Cryptocurrency Trading Less Stressful and Time Consuming

Cryptocurrency Trading

The 1000’s of percent returns of cryptocurrencies have drawn tens of thousands of new investors into the cryptocurrency space in the past few months. Exchanges have been overwhelmed with account requests and many have been forced to stop people from opening accounts for periods of time. However, people are starting to realize that cryptocurrency trading … Read more