Why 2019 Could be the Year of the Stablecoin


A big issue with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum is their volatility. While they have many characteristics that make them viable currency options in the future, their volatility is a big concern. No one wants to be holding their life savings in a currency that has the potential to drop 10-20% overnight. 2018 in general … Read more

Top 5 Crypto Investing Lessons From 2018

crypto investing

2018 was a tough market for crypto bulls. We saw a massive retracement in all cryptocurrencies from the 2017 run up. But there were still several promising signs of widespread adoption. Many people lost a lot of money last year, but there were a lot of important lessons to take away for investors. Today we … Read more

What’s Needed For A Crypto Bull Market in 2019

What's needed for a crypto bull market in 2019

In 2018 we witnessed a major pullback in the crypto markets after a record-breaking year in 2017. Bitcoin retraced more than 80% of its gains from 2017, and ETH, XRP, and many other altcoins saw a 90% or more retracement from their all-time highs. Many have compared the dot-com bubble to what we saw the … Read more

Best Crypto Trading Strategies for the 2020 Bull Market

crypto trading strategies

The crypto markets in the past few months have seen a dramatic change in the trend of the crypto markets. After getting hammered for all of 2018, Bitcoin is up more than 200% this year, and some altcoins are up as much as 500% this year. The best crypto trading strategies this year have all … Read more

Cryptostreet Trade Recap: Swing Trading NEO to Start the Year


We have seen great strength in the crypto markets to start 2019. Bitcoin for the first time in many months is starting to base and grind higher. Bounces are no longer getting faded, and we are starting to see signs of strength in some of the major altcoins. We recently capitalized on the momentum in … Read more

Complete Recap of the 2018 Crypto Year

2018 crypto

What a year it has been in the cryptocurrency world. After a sensational runup in 2017, we have seen a major pullback in Bitcoin and other altcoins. Despite the major pullback in the markets, we have seen some promising signs of adoption from governments across the world and major corporations. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are … Read more