Deep Dive: How NFTs Are Made

how NFTs are made

What is an NFT again?  Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are distinct crypto assets. At first glance, they act like regular cryptocurrencies, but they have one crucial difference: each one is unique. Each coin has a specific serial number and owner/creator. NFTs are among the newest, most exciting developments in the blockchain space. Although they may … Read more

Meta Money – 5 Questions With Kunal Desai

Meta Money Kunal Desai

In this video Kunal talks about 5 of the most asked questions he gets about cryptocurrency surrounding the bull and bear market bubble, NFT’s, and how he is approaching the cryptocurrency market in 2022. 1:28 How Do People Relate To Cryptocurrency? 2:28 How Does Crypto Compare To The Dot Com Bubble? 4:01 Why Do You … Read more

5 Traits of Successful Crypto Traders

Successful crypto traders in 2019 are rare. Most crypto traders blew up in 2018 during the big market pullback. But in 2019 the bull market has returned. There is still a lot of money to be made in the markets, but you have to be skilled and disciplined. Here are 5 traits that all successful … Read more