10 Must-Follow Crypto Influencers

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Crypto-social media is a fantastic way to to grow your knowledge of the cryptocurrency world. But you have to make sure you are following the best crypto influencers, who are the most relevant in the space and share useful knowledge and news. Here are 10 must-follow crypto influencers: 1. Vitalik Buterin (@Vitalikbuterin) Vitalik Buterin is … Read more

New Bitmain E3 ASIC: Good For Ethereum Miners?

New Bitmain E3 ASIC Good For Ethereum Miners?

There has been a LOT of “horror” online now that Bitmain has built an ASIC to mine Ethereum. Prior to this announcement, the only way to mine Ethereum was using a GPU (video card) and run mining software on Windows or Linux. Remember, Bitmain is basically the only game in town for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and … Read more

5 Factors For The Future Of Mining Cryptocurrencies

5 Factors For The Future Of Mining Cryptocurrencies

At the end of 2017 Mining hit the “all time high” for profits. Of course, Crypto assets have sold off in the first 6 months of 2018. Mining profits are also down some in the first half of 2018. Will the down trend continue? The answer to that question has many factors, let’s examine each … Read more

How Miners Make Money

How Miners Make Money

When people look into mining they usually get a whole wide variety of answers as to what mining is and why anyone makes money at it. In this article I will try to help de-mystify mining and explain what it is and why people make money (sometimes a LOT of money) by mining crypto currencies. … Read more

Buying A House With Crypto: Pros And Cons

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Blockchain technology has enabled nearly every major industry to send and receive payments via cryptocurrency, and real estate is no exception. Crypto coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum disrupt traditional methods of payment by allowing transactions to be quickly processed and posted to the “ledger” by means of a complex mathematical formula. Because it is … Read more

Shorting ETH From $250 to $200: Cryptostreet Trade Recap


Ethereum has been getting hammered all summer. For most of 2018, Ethereum would closely follow Bitcoin’s trend. In the past month or so, we have seen a big divergence, and major relative weakness come into Ethereum. In the past month, for every 1% BTC drops, ETH has been dropping 2 or 3 percent. After hitting … Read more

12 Essential Videos For Cryptocurrency Newbies

The cryptocurrency world is a daunting prospect for many. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are complicated topics, and the average person is not able to comprehend it without extensive study. For this reason, we compiled a list of Youtube videos that will give you a comprehensive education of the cryptocurrency and blockchain world. Here some important … Read more

How To Trade Altcoins in A Slow Market: NEO Trade Recap


Altcoins have really been taking a beating the past month. Many altcoins, including major altcoins like NEO and ETH, have been down as much 50% since August 1st. Many of them have been getting extremely oversold, so we have been looking to bounce them. The past few weeks have finally shown some signs that a … Read more